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He eventually chooses Ieyasu and they win the battle, taking control of Japan.

Digital: i TUNES | AMAZON | e MUSIC | SPOTIFY CD: CDBABY | SAE | AMAZON | HMV We are proud to present to you a highly dramatic album featuring two large orchestral epic scores from British composer Daniel Pemberton, composed for BBC’s adventure series impresses with its Beethoven-influenced classical sound.

Original Airdate: 15 March 2008 Cortés and his men arrive in Central America in 1521 in search of riches.

They cross the mountains and soon become allies with the Tlaxcalans.

They leave with their prize but Attila soon kills his brother and returns.

After defeating the emperor's army, Chrysaphius and Vigilas attempt to bribe Edeco in order to kill Attila but he betrays them.

Amidst uneasiness in the ranks and an attack that leaves one of his close friends dead, Richard hopes to marry off his sister to Al Adil and create an alliance.

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The numbering of the six episodes that make up the series is debatable due to them being listed differently on different sources.

1.13 8 Scarecrow 0.50 9 It Will Be Suicide 0.40 10 It Was Easy 2.40 11 Heading East (Reprise) 0.43 12 What Am I Saying?

Tornadoes destroying entire stadiums, solar storms causing a worldwide blackout, typhoons with 200 mph winds, flood that could overflow the Thames Barrier, fire that can burn down entire ...

The statements at the beginning of each episode read: "This film depicts real events and real characters.

It is based on the accounts of writers of the time.

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