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During this period of enlargement, Berlin University gradually expanded to incorporate other previously separate colleges in Berlin.

An example would be the Charité, the Pépinière and the Collegium Medico-chirurgicum.

During the Cold War, the old university buildings were located in East Berlin.

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Its main campus is located on the Unter den Linden boulevard in central Berlin.

Berlin University started a natural history collection in 1810, which, by 1889 required a separate building and became the Museum für Naturkunde.

The preexisting Tierarznei School, founded in 1790 and absorbed by the university, in 1934 formed the basis of the Veterinary Medicine Facility (Grundstock der Veterinärmedizinischen Fakultät).

Almost immediately, the Soviet occupiers started persecuting non-communists and suppressing academic freedom at the university.

This led to strong protests within the student body and faculty.

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