Tamagotchi v5 dating channel

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The pet will live in your character's garden (a little kennel will appear right next to its house).It will also follow your character, when you send it to different destinations (but will not enter the destinations along with your character). Different pets appear in park at different hours thoughout the day.Differences from previous versions When raising a non-parent family, only the 'TV Surfing' and 'Tea Time' games are available.

On Tamagotchi Town, many things can be done, such as: This Tamagotchi is the next Tamagotchi in the Tamagotchi Connection Series.

This applies to versions 1 to 4 and 6 only, on version 5 there is a Dating Show which the user must access to gain a CPU partner. Depending on the version of Tamagotchi Connection, the Tamagotchi will do different things.

If Tamagotchi Connections are different versions, they can still connect.

The Tamagotchi has a band from the teenager stage, whose members cannot be named, but the band itself can.

Once your character is an adult, it can adopt a pet.

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