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To the coastal people the Tabascans, these Spanish warriors with huge ships and strange clothes were an awful sight, a Tabascan chief observes.

V/O CHIEF: They dress in iron and wear iron casks on their heads so that only their faces can be seen. SPANIARDS RAISING STANDARD WATCHED BY TABASCAN IN HIDING PRIEST DELIVERING READING C/U TABASCAN NATIVE'S FACE NARRATOR: In a language as alien as his appearance, a Spanish priest delivers an ultimatum: submit to god and Spain or face the consequences.

To many she will go down in history as La Malinche, the Traitor. She talked all the time, she was very funny and Malinali was a willing collaborator. POHL TO CAMERA CAPTION IN Dr John Pohl, UCLA CAPTION OUT CONQUISTADORS CHASING TABASCANS POHL: The opening of a battle from the Union perspective wouldn't really be possible without a good round of insults against the Spaniards.This would involve anything from exposing the buttocks to the genitals, anything that they could do to try to enrage the enemy.Spanish cavalry of just sixteen horses decimated the Tabascan ranks. TABASCANS FLEEING V/O DIAZ: With us attacking one side and the horsemen on the other, they soon turned tail and the savannah fields were crowded with Indians running. SPANIARDS FINISHING OFF TABASCANS NARRATOR: In this one-sided battle the Tabascans lose thousands of men, the Spanish just two.

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