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When the recipient of his call finally picked up he didn't hesitate, "I have some news. ""No you heard me correctly Keimi-chan and I are now in a relationship." Daisuke responded, "She and I had dinner last night and we both agreed that we like each other enough we think trying out a relationship is something worth, well trying." It wasn't a complete lie."Thank you for understanding.

He hadn't been sure on a few questions, and some of them hadn't even been on the study sheet Sensei had given them.Standing up he approached the desk, "Please Sensei, if I did that badly, I ask you not to sugarcoat it."Maseru looked at his student confused before he chuckled loudly, "My boy, quite the opposite. "Daisuke turned to see their younger companion heading towards them and he offered the boy a smile, "Hey their kiddo how did it go?" The smile faded when he noticed a worried look on Mao's face. "Mao nodded as he looked at the empty seat at the table.But when he noticed his teacher giving him a signal that clearly meant he only had 5 minutes left to finish.All of his answers were given he just worried that the ones he hadn't been sure about would turn out to be his failing point.

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