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"I guess 1 didn't come ready to play tonight," he said, adding that he was "praying" on his iwo three- pointers late in the second half.Nebraska had a chance to win before Bledsoe's heroics, but Bucha- nan's shot from just inside Uic top of die key failed to drop and Pete Man- ning fouled Bledsoe going for the offensive rebound, "I wanted something with a litlle more penetration, but (Buchanan) has been in diat situation before," Nebraska coach Danny Nee said.K-Siate outscored NU from the free-throw line 24- 1 1 , but was outre- boun(t''d for only the third time this season. In a 120-101 clobbering of die defending Big Eight champs Saturday, the Sooners scored die most points ever recorded against Mis- souri since the Tigers took up baskedjall 82 years ago.

Two other Arabs — a 15-year-old boy hit in the head by a soldier Saturday and a 10-year-old boy struck by a bullet last week — died of injuries suffered earlier and dozens more were hospitalized after they were beaten and teargassed by Israeli troops.

Anthony Awareness Week." La; lures this week will focus on the issues surrounding violence against women. Chddrwi under high-school age should not see the movie, she said. Denny Orr, coordinator of residential Ide at Emporia State University, will lead a dis- cussion on "Valentines and Violence" Tues- day at p.m. Orr will help participants identify abusive situations and tell ways of helping odiers out of damaging relationships. both of the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center, will present U)c j MXJgram.

ICatherine Parker, director of the center, said experts estimate that one in every two women will experience violence in their rela- tionships with men. 'That estimate may be high, but the fact is a lot of us do experience (violence)," Paiker said. "It's very, very graphic, and it is very important dial it is always followed by dis- cussion," Parker said. so the discussion can continue at home." The movie w UI also be shown Wednesday at p.m. Self-defense tips for women will be offered at p.m. Abusive relationships will again be the topic Wednesday as Judy Davis, Crisis Cen- ter of Manhattan, leads a discussion on "Inti- mate Violence" at noon in Union 212.

The disturbances began after Jewish set- tlers launched an overnight attack on Arab- owned cars in Hebron.

Other attacks by Jew- ish vigilante groups were rumored to have cccurrcd around the West Bank.

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