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Ho Tae also continues his lie about being successful.

After they return the bikes, Sang Tae puts his hand out making Mi Jung think that he wants to reconcile after their small fight.

At school, all the other female teacher ignore Yeon Tae as they are focused on the handsome new male teacher, Tae Min. Yeon Tae is in care of Bin and Woo Ri’s class while Tae Min is in charge of Soo and Woo Young’s class.

After class, Yeon Tae tells Bin that she shouldn’t say anything about them being family.

Ho Tae and Soon Young go for some juice after to movie.

Unfortunately she still can’t tell him that she isn’t married considering that he keeps mentioning how fortunate it is that she is living well.

The sudden question makes him fall off the bike out of shock.

He clearly tells her that he doesn’t like her and that he is always near his employees when they are having a hard time.

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When they finally get up and calm down their fast beating hearts, Sang Tae says that he was concerned about her since she went to kneel down in front of her ex-husband and his wife.

The mother in law sees some dirt on Sang Tae’s clothes; it was from the fall he took when he ‘saved’ Mi Jung from the other bikers.

After telling his mother in law that nothing big happened, Sang Tae goes to his room and remembers the fall, making his heart beat again.

Since she is heartbroken, Yeon Tae asks Jin Joo to stop the car but the later one doesn’t understand why her friend his angry all of a sudden even though she genuinely wanted to take her to shopping and to lunch to celebrate her first day of work.

To makes things worse, Sang Min calls Yeon Tae to remember her about their date and that she has to return the phone to him.

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