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I had my first flirtation with hookup culture back in high school -- pre-Grindr, pre-Manhunt, maybe even pre-Craigslist -- when with more than a little shame. I could stare in the mirror for hours on end -- artfully posing to achieve that perfect profile pic -- but if no one told me I was attractive, why would I have reason to believe it? For me, the process of hooking up has become an addiction. I've tried both and I can say from experience -- it takes a real man to be a queen. Guys telling me how sexy I was, or how cute I was, or what a great body I had made me feel good about myself. Working out also made me feel good about myself, but that esteem was tied to the approval of others. Well it’s not because the thing is in 2014 people communicate via text and phone much more than they communicate in person.

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My profiles -- with the proliferation of hookup apps and websites like Adam4Adam and Manhunt, I had about six profiles running concurrently -- featured my face along with the obligatory shirtless pics and a playful description of me. We would either meet and have sex and I'd never see him again or we'd casually text until one or both of us lost interest.

Don't get me wrong, I always enjoyed the bumping of proverbial uglies (I am a romantic at heart, after all) but the lead-up before and the fallout thereafter eclipsed that enjoyment. It reinforces unreal body expectations, encourages the enumeration of ideal qualities/deal breakers, and contributes to the further disconnectedness of my already disconnected generation. So I tried to be like the guys I wanted to attract.

I'd sneak onto my friend's computer, excited to find others like me. My ego as inflated as the pecs of the bikers and sailors in Tom of Finland's iconic drawings, I drowned in my own reflection.

The truth is this sexting game is not that easy in practice.

You have to trust the person you’re sending the message to, you have to keep in mind that you don’t want to penalize your partner for something that other untrustworthy partners have done and you have to not overextend yourself in a ways that you’ll regret later.

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