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Between his two years at Stanford, he had a summer internship at Goldman Sachs and was so disruptive that, just three weeks into the program, a Goldman partner offered to buy out the rest of Kremen’s internship if Kremen promised to quit on the spot and return to San Francisco.Perhaps you know of someone who might like to watch this program.We do not keep these email addresses, and we will not send unsolicited materials to either you or your friend.Online dating is one of those subjects that Christians enjoy debating.From our perspective, that idea makes a lot of sense. There are lines that we draw in our relationships – “If you do this, it’ll be the end of us.” We set our relationships up in contractual or conditional arrangements.But in our covenantal relationship with God, there is nothing that we can do to make him stop loving us.

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His former colleagues describe him as a high-energy visionary. he’s very smart,” says Fran Maier, the former General Manager of Match.and was one of a handful of early entrepreneurs on the Internet.” Kremen is about as quirky as he is smart.He is a big Grateful Dead fan— he attended 50 of their concerts.“Tenacious is the first word that comes to mind,” says Thede Loder, a Match engineer from 1995 – 1996.And Ron Posner, one of the first angel investors in Match, said that Kremen in 1995 was “very innovative, very sure of himself...

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