Herschede clock dating

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Continued decline of the clock business led the company to begin making parking meters in 1936. Around 1959-60 the company moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Starkville, Mississippi.

In 1901, he exhibited in the South Carolina and West Indian Exposition at Charleston, South Carolina, where he received a gold medal for his hall clocks. Frank's son, Walter, graduated from high school in 1902, and went into the cabinet shop to work.After 1902 he began to produce the tubular bell chimes on his own and install them in Herschede clocks.Also in 1902 his son Walter joined the firm and the company was officially incorporated as the Herschede Hall Clock Company.At the age of 16, he started to work as an apprentice watch and clock repairman.In 1877, he went into business for himself and moved to Vine and 5th Street.

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