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The seller cannot add a Buy Now price once bidding has started.

as a practice of design which enhances the dimension of systemic intervention on the interconnected spheres of technique, society and culture having important effects on the forms and contents of a pedagogy of design.

I’ve been challenging corporate power in Nigeria for all of my adult life.

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Many things in Africa are deemed Africa, whereas they are pure facades.Because I’ve shut the door on so many lobbyists and special interests who want to buy their way into a Trump presidency — not going to happen — I need your help going the extra mile with me by making a contribution to win.Together, we can beat the mega donors bankrolling To begin with, here is a BIG ONE coming from Nigeria.And each time I get up and continue on, it’s because there is so much work to do to bring about a just world for all people.It means so much for me to know that Patti, her colleagues, and the members of Corporate Accountability International have my back and are in it with me.

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