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Anyone hear of, The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet by Arthur Brooke?

Published before Shakespeare was even alive, I wonder if he based "Romeo and Juliet" off it?

Restliches Butterschmalz in die heiße Pfanne geben.

Hack und Mett dazugeben und bei starker Hitze so lange braten, bis das Hack braun angebraten ist und sich Röststoffe gebildet haben (das dauert etwa 15 Minuten).

On a side note, I hope the same people slamming this film for its historical inaccuracies, use of English and similarity to other works go slam Shakespeare next because these terms describe his most famous plays.

As far as I am aware, they weren't speaking Shakespearean English in 13th century Verona, Italy.

Sonst Deckel drauf, damit die Flüssigkeit nicht verdampft und die Bolognese anbrennt.

See more » I'm quite surprised at how many people are slamming this movie for historical inaccuracies, use of English, its similarity to several other films and a happy ending.

I had no problem understanding this was not a historical documentary nor did any signs point to this film being the most original sensation of the year.

(at around 40 mins) The computer-generated wet saber-tooth tiger was created by Double Negative.

Creating it required combining several of the most challenging elements of visual effects: fur, wet fur, water, and creature animation.

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