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Owner Builders are required to name ALL other owners of the land on an application for the Owner Builder Permit.

This is recorded on the Permit to prevent people using this system to carry out commercial unlicensed building work.

OB Construction and Public Liability Insurance As you are intending to be an owner builder, or to contract out any type of building work (for which you remain responsible for coordinating) it is strongly recommended that you protect yourself by taking out a Public Liability Insurance policy.

This insurance needs to be paid and in position BEFORE construction work commences, and sometimes before a local council will issue their construction consent.

The next immediate owner of the property is entitled to the benefit of the statutory warranties set out in the Home Building Act 1989, and can take you, the owner builder, to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to enforce their statutory warranty rights. Potentially there are savings and satisfaction to build as an owner builder, but there are also many risks, responsibilities and liabilities, do not take short cuts in the learning stage.

Before work commences you need to obtain an Owner Builder Permit, see details above and usually before construction consent is issued by a local council and before finance is approved.

To build without an Owner Builder Permit may involve significant financial penalties.But remember only one (1) Owner Builder Permit can be issued to an individual within any five (5) year period, unless the application and any earlier Permit relate to the same land, or special circumstances exist.You then go to any NSW Fair Trading Centre, complete the OFT Owner Builder Permit Application Form, and if approved, you will be issued with an Owner Builder Permit for your current project.Also, there are specific rules for applicants where a company owns the land. Before you may commence this Course, you must hold a NSW Work Cover White Card.We can help you obtain one, by choosing the 1 Day Sydney CBD Workshop Course, CLICK HERE, or Online Course, CLICK HERE.

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